The team

наша команда

The company’s success is the teamwork accomplishment. It is the result of many years of work by a close-knit team who went through thick and thin side by side, who did not run away from problems, but looked for the correct solution. And we can proudly say, “Our team is the firm foundation of the RSK Group of Companies.” There are no “out of place” people among our employees, everyone complements each other and serves a common cause. Of course, this was not always the case. It was a long and thorny way. But during 15 years of working in the Moscow construction market, we have learned and achieved a lot. At the very beginning, we all took faltering steps, learned from our own mistakes, but nothing was in vain. Those who started from scratch 15 years ago have turned into professionals with vast experience under their belt. Today they are not ordinary workers, they are managers who will have to grow a decent crew.

A close-knit team remains the key to successful and high-quality work. We are proud and appreciative of every member of our team.

After all, just as you can’t build a strong building without a firm foundation, you can’t succeed in our business without reliable employees!

To make new employees feel confident, a training center for beginners was organized in our company. The construction market is growing, and if we want to keep up with the latest trends, we need to go forward without looking back at the outdated technologies. Employee training is something that should never be skimped on. New information, the opportunity to put knowledge into practice, access to high-quality equipment: all this allows us to confidently go forward not worrying that beginners could be left behind. We searched for a like-minded person in each employee, who shared the company’s view, and if we managed to find common ground, the result was not late in coming.

However, neither the beneficial location nor good equipment, nor large staff would have allowed us to reach today’s level if not for the full dedication to our favorite occupation. People are the most important thing we have. People who love their work, who care about the customer, who strive to make every project even better. The desire to achieve more, not to back down from challenges, to grow together with the team: all this supports the morale and desire for new horizons.

We believe that if we continue to work at the same pace, the next 10 years will be of the same success. We believe that those our employees who are taking their first steps now will get our enthusiasm and hit all-time highs. We believe that today’s success is a drop in the ocean, and we can achieve even more!

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